Slippery "devouring the sky"
Above: Hannah Pearl

Hannah Pearl

Hi, I'm Hannah Pearl. I'm a local singer-songwriter born and bred in the beautiful Tuntable Falls community.

Since my mid teens I have been writing songs and playing in bands. I have toured the east coast and played at festivals like Woodford folk Festival, Lismore folk festival and supported acts like Diana Anaid, Elixir and The Toothfaeries.

My style is best described as CULTURED POP ROCK, a blend that combines all the sweetness of pop with lyrics of deeper wit and substance.

Some of my main influences are Fiona Apple, Ani di Franco and Alanis Morissette.... all original and intelligent songwriters who are able to catch the essence of a feeling and transmute it into a song you can play over and over again.....that's what I want to create.

At the moment I am playing gigs around the area and jamming with my favorite musicians....My band Eleusis is currently out of action because Zoe has just given birth.... Don't know how long until she's ready to play again, but I can't wait!!!!

I have been working on a CD for the last year. It's a collaboration between myself and local producer Nick Edin, a fully instrumented version of my songs and it should be ready in November. Check here for details of CD launch, otherwise it will be on sale in shops or
you can order direct from me.

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